In the Library

Sometimes a really good story will capture your imagination, and before you know it, the story has consumed your entire soul!

Italy, one of the settings in my novel, In 36 Hours

          In the Library is a private area of my website for readers who are Bookaholics like me. It is a space for readers who follow my work and who want to know more about my writing (you know, the how and why), my process, and my life. Since I’m sharing, I hope you do, too, in this more intimate environment.


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          I will be giving away one-of-a-kind book marks and other special items only a Bookaholic would appreciate. Here you will watch the progress of my novel, In 36 Hours, as well as the character analysis and graphic design of each main character in the book. We’ll talk about the themes threaded throughout my work as a writer, and you’ll received my digital newsletter to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in Rosalind’s Library. Book reviews and recommendations because, after all, we’re Bookaholics. So, put your feet up. Pour a glass of wine. Lets read!



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