My name is Rosalind Denise Reed…Writer, Blogger. Podcaster, and Entrepreneur!

What a cliche’, but it’s true. I have always imagined myself a writer, but it was a long time before I had the courage to call myself a writer.  As I find myself in the second chapter of my life, the creativity is literally pouring out of me.  Who knew!  I’m writing about things that are important to me, and I’ve also started an internet radio station with my brother, Keith. The format is Jazz-Soul, and you can find it at  Give the station a try, and tell me what you think.

I proudly live in the city of Saint Louis, Missouri…a city I love and have drawn countless inspiration.  I was born in Saint Louis, but my family eventually migrated north to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I came back to Saint Louis as an adult, mainly because I absolutely hated the weather in Milwaukee. No offense.  I consider Milwaukee my adopted hometown, but honestly, I don’t know how to survive the weather there.  I have lived in Saint Louis for many years longer than I was away.  Much of my writing is set in Saint Louis, in the places that touch me nearly every day…the beautiful Central West End neighborhood, the Catholic church, my neighbors and friends who live and work in the city.

This is my favorite picture of myself as a child.  I don’t know who took the picture, but the important thing about this picture is it was taken in front of my grandmother’s house. The address is showing in the background…3965 McPherson Avenue.  The house is no longer there, but while I live in the Central West End neighborhood now, my grandmother lived there before it was the Central West End.

My current project is a collection of short stories set in Saint Louis.  The first short story is called Warren Johnson is Standing Here. This story is very important to me because, like many cities across the United States, there is a lot of violence in many areas of the city.  The goal of the story was to bring a little humanity to this issue, that these people are not necessarily monsters, but rather, people with limited resources, who want the same things we all do.  A meaningful, included life. You can read the full text HERE.

I have begun writing the second story in the collection, called 36 Hours. The story takes place during the 36 hours Pope John Paul II spent in Saint Louis in January 1999.  A young couple’s baby daughter is born and dies of a fatal birth defect, and their faith is tested during a time when everyone in the city, both Catholic and non-Catholic, is intrigued with the visiting Pontiff. Expect an excerpt from the story in November 2017.