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by Rosalind Denise Reed

September 11, 2021

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On October 17, 2011, I wrote two names on the first page in a lined book I’ve been keeping for the past decade: Julliette Margaret Boisseau and Jacopo Celli. The character, Julliette, came first. Jules was her nickname, and I knew everything about her almost immediately because she and I shared many character traits. The most important commonality: Julliette was a young, educated black woman, but like many other Catholics in these modern times, Julliette’s faith in the Catholic Institution and God was conflicted.  

In January 1999, Pope John Paul II made a brief stop in St. Louis, Missouri, on his way back to Rome from Mexico City. The entire city was intrigued by the Pontiff, the excitement almost palpable. I have never doubted the Holy Father’s faith in God, but his proximity suddenly brought my own beliefs into question. Juliette’s story began to unfold in my head, but it’s taken me this long to develop a storyline worthy of my protagonist. 

Once I had Julliette’s story outlined, the other two main characters in the story began to take shape. Jacopo Celli is her husband, and he is the antagonist. Juliette’s brother, Jullian Marcus Boisseau, allowed me to explore the priesthood and the concept of commitment. 

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